Introducing Guardian by Marine AI. A powerful AI system for the Safety and Control of manned and unmanned vessels.

Guardian AI

Marine AI offers four versions of its Guardian AI system. Three versions are for ocean-going vessels: Guardian Vision and Guardian Manned , both of which augment bridge-crew capabilities; and Guardian Autonomy for autonomous, crew-less operations.

A fourth version, Guardian Port brings all of the efficiencies and risk-reduction benefits of Guardian AI to Port operations.

  • Manned Vessel Safety
  • Floating object detection
  • AI identification and analysis
  • Real-time risk assessment
  • Instant alerts
  • Significant enhancement in safety for both vessel and crew.
  • Manned vessel safety
  • Collision avoidance
  • Navigational safety
  • Weather avoidance
  • Efficient route planning
  • Remote visualisation
  • Bridge training.

More Details

  • Unmanned vessel safety & control
  • Control delivering intelligent system management
  • Safety delivering deterministic rule-sets (i.e. weather, COLREGS, SOLAS, ROE)
  • Autonomy delivering AI path planning and goal management underpinned by safety

More Details

  • AI-powered SMART port
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Collaboration

AI is the answer to handle an ever increasing amount of cargo and traffic.

LIDAR Sensors

Marine AI and OUSTER are official partners.

Ouster produce high-resolution lidar sensors for long, mid, and short range applications. Powered by a single chip-scale laser array and one CMOS sensor, they deliver superior imaging at a dramatically lower price point

ultra-wide view lidar sensor


See more with the OS0 digital lidar sensor’s 90º field of view and minimum range of zero.

mid-range lidar sensor


The OS1 brings 3D sensing to any platform. Engineered for performance, and priced for large-scale deployment.

long-range lidar sensor


The OS2 delivers long-range, high-resolution 3D sensing. Engineered for performance, and priced for commercial deployment.

solid state lidar sensor


The ES2 is the first high-resolution, long-range, solid-state digital lidar. Combining a VCSEL laser chip and a SPAD detector array raises the bar for resolution, range, and reliability.


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